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Finding Pool Leaks April 20, 2010

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Step 1. Determine if there is a leak. The first step is to determine whether your above ground pool liner has as leak. Sometimes a loss of pool water can be due to other factors such as evaporation. Pool water evaporation can be especially common in hot windy climates. The “leak test” is very simple. The pool owner needs to perform what is called the “bucket test.” The bucket test involves filling a 5 gallon bucket almost to the top, then setting the bucket in the pool so the rim is just a few inches above the surface. Mark the water levels on both the inside and the outside of the bucket, and check the levels in 24 hours. If the drop in the pool and the bucket are the same, this means the water loss is caused by evaporation. If the loss in pool water is greater on the outside of the bucket, there is likely a leak in the pool liner and more serious leak detection measures will need to be performed.

Step 2. Find the leak. To locate the leak, a swimmer will be necessary along with red dye. This is called the “dye test”, which consists of squirting red dye (food coloring)  in susceptible areas of the pool (seams in the pool liner, pool walls, by in pool inlets, skimmers, etc.) to puncturing, tearing or improper seals. Generally speaking, the most susceptible area in an above ground pool is where the pool wall meets the pool floor. Once the red dye is placed near the leak, you will see the dye pulled into the leak by the suction force of the leak. This should really pinpoint the precise area of the leak.

Step 3. Repair the leak. Once the leak is detected it is important to repair the leak. If the leak is repairable, vinyl pool liner patch like EZ Patch 28™ is a great fix. This amazing sealer can fix a leak in your vinyl pool liner without a patch and can match any color of pool liner. Simply apply the clear sealant to any hole above or below the waterline and this amazing formula creates its own patch. Skins over in 5-10 minutes; cures completely in 48 hours. If a patch is needed due to heavy water flow, use EZ Patch 28™ as the glue and apply the clear vinyl patch that is included.

Finding a leak in an above ground pool liner is never a great experience, but locating one can save you hundreds of dollars in replacing your entire above ground pool liner. Some leaks in pool liners are salvageable and can be fixed. In these economic times, locating a leak and applying the clear vinyl repair sealant EZ Patch 28™ can be very economical for pool owners. Moreover, saving pool water from leaking is good for water conservation and ultimately the environment.



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