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How to buy an Above Ground Pool!

So you want to buy an Above Ground pool, but where do you begin? Here’s a step by step walkthrough of what you’ll need to get outfitted for fun in the sun this summer.

1. What size and shape should your pool be?

The size and shape of your pool could be the most important thing that you decide on when selecting a pool. The amount of length and width that your backyard provides is the most important factor, as is the shape. Oval pools, though slightly more expensive than round, are great space savers. Many oval pools also come with buttress-free support beams, which save space with no diminished wall strength. Click here for a picture of the Yardmore brace-less design.
UPDATE: You should allow around 15 square feet of water surface for each swimmer. Example – Our 15’x30 Oval San Marino Above Ground Pool has around 350 square feet of surface area, enough room for 23 bathers.

2. Decide what pool material you would like your pool to have:

Whether you choose the traditional strength of our steel pool, our technologically advanced resin construction or the superior performance of our aluminum pool, all Sharkline Pools are constructed to give you years of backyard enjoyment. Styled to enhance your backyard, choose from 48”, 52” or 54” tall pool heights! PcPools steel, resin and aluminum pools can be found here.

The proven strength of steel is built into each one of these pool models. High strength buttresses give incredible durability and reliability. Get exceptional value with these stylish pools!

The Enhanced Structural Polymer (ESP) components of our Resin pool models provide unique advantages to these pool models. Its advanced construction prevents rust and erosion for up to 60 years!

The superior performance of Aluminum gives you the best pool construction money can buy. Aluminum gives the ability to construct your pool above ground or in ground!

3. Determine what type of liner you would like on your pool

Any of our high strength liners are a good choice, but there are several different styles to go along with our vast amount of designs.

4. Select an Equipment Package that is right for you:

All equipment packages include a pump, filter and entry system compatible to your new pool. Simply select which amenities and extras you would like to accompany your pool, ranging from standard to ultra.

5. Determine what size chemical package fits your pool size needs:

Your pool can be well equipped with chemicals from Blue Wave. Blue Wave chemicals are among the safest and most effective chemicals in the country. Try out the best chemicals in the industry – we’re sure you’ll love BLUEWAVE! Seasonal chemical packages start as low as $79.99

Thanks for your interest in PcPools and we look forward to helping with your above ground pool needs soon!



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