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Warm your Pool Water up with a Swimming Pool Heater March 23, 2010

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Now that you have a backyard swimming pool, you’ll want to use it as much as possible. Make the most of your investment by adding a Solar Pool Heater, Gas Pool Heater, or Heat Pump to your in ground or above ground swimming pool. You can extend your swimming season and spend more time in your pool because a Pool Heater or Heat Pump maintains a consistently inviting and comfortable water temperature. When other swimming pool owners are waiting for the weather to warm up in order to open their pool, you can be enjoying the luxury of a pleasant Spring time swim. And, even after Summer has come and gone, you will be able to take a relaxing dip in deliciously mild waters thanks to your choice of Pool Heaters or Heat Pumps.

Solar Pool Heaters allow you to take advantage of the sun’s free energy. Solar Heaters are extremely efficient, inexpensive to operate, and are the ultimate in environmental friendliness. When combined with a solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, your Solar Pool Heater will maintain a comfortable water temperature well into the cooler months.

A Heat Pump is another good choice for efficiently heating your swimming pool. Heat Pumps take heat from the air and transfer it to the pool water. This makes the heating process ecologically safe, clean, and cost effective. In addition, Heat Pumps are easy to operate and can be used even in frigid conditions.

Gas or Propane Pool Heaters are yet another option for extending your swimming season. All of our Gas Heaters is highly efficient, durable, and corrosion resistant. In addition, many of the Gas Heaters we offer for in ground and above ground pools are environmentally safe.

Whether you choose a Solar Pool Heater, a Heat Pump, or a Gas Pool Heater for your in ground or above ground swimming pool, you can feel confident that you have selected a high quality product at the best price.


PcPools member of BBB Online since 2006 March 9, 2010

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The Truth About Above Ground Pools February 12, 2010

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Over the years, the above ground pool has developed a less than stellar reputation. Seeing a neighbor’s older model pool, neglected and left to rust and corrode in the back yard, has left a bad taste in the mouths of people who would otherwise consider an above ground pool.

What people don’t realize is that above-ground pools just aren’t the same as they used to be. Nowadays, they’re made to last, taking advantage of technological and material advances. And with a little care and maintenance, they can be just as functional and enjoyable as their much more expensive in – ground counterparts.

Have you heard (or had) any of the following above – ground pool myths?

I’m thinking of getting a pool, and an above ground pool fits my budget nicely. But, I’ve seen above ground pool in the past that just looked junky, no matter how new they were. Is this still the case?

Above ground pools have changed enormously over the past few years, with manufacturers making a real effort to make pools more attractive, sturdier, longer lasting, and customizable. Above ground pools started out looking like oversized tin cans – and unfortunately, that’s how people have thought of them ever since.

The materials that manufacturers use now are completely different from materials used in the past, general pool design has improved, and the above – ground pool accessory market gives you a variety of choices. For example, you can now choose from a wide selection of contemporary colors and designs, printed liners and even tile borders.

I’ve heard the above ground pools don’t last that long.

Unlike above ground pools of the past that were made from cheaper materials and had a very stiff metallic look, most modernized above ground pools have been completely remodeled and are now made from a blow molded resin based product. Using a resin product for above-ground pools is something that started in the 1990’s and makes the pools much more durable. Admittedly, not every manufacturer is using resin, but even these manufacturers have taken extra measures to give their pools a longer life and better design. Need to mention the improvement in anti-corrosive coatings used on steel pools which makes rusting a concern of the past.

A friend warned me that the circulation and filtering systems in above-ground pools are awful! Is it true?

Well, times have changed…and with more horsepower and bigger filters, cleaning of above ground pools is now easier and more effective than ever. Because the filters are so much better, above ground pools actually use fewer chemicals. And if you want your above ground pool super duper clean, you can actually opt for an add-on cleaning package like an above ground in line pool chlorinator.

Aren’t above ground pools a pain to clean?

No, not at all! Unlike paddling or kiddie pools, they come with serious filters & pumps with serious horsepower that do serious work. With above ground pools, maintenance and cleaning is a breeze.

How deep can an above ground pool be?

Above ground pools vary in depth, with some above – ground pools seeming ‘deeper’ because they have a higher wall.  Pool wall depth’s come in 48″, 52″, and 54″.  You can also ‘dish’ out your pool floor, utilizing an expandable pool liner to get a depth up to 72″.

But what if I want to heat it?

This has got to be one of our favorite things about above-ground pools. Instead of using a heater, or simply giving up on using the pool in September, you can actually get a solar pool heater and solar cover that efficiently attract the free heat of the sun  keeping your pool warm, happy and inviting. Of course conventional gas and propane heaters are also available.

I want a pool, but I have a very small backyard, and I don’t think a regular round above ground pool will fit.

Congratulations…it’s your lucky day! Not only have manufacturers taken extra steps to make above ground pools longer lasting and better looking; they’ve also taken people just like you into consideration. Above ground pools now come in a plethora of sizes leaving you with a wide variety of options. Even a small backyard can have an above ground pool.

I want an above ground pool, but my kids are obsessed with getting a pool slide – Is this possible?

The really cool thing about above ground pools is all the features that you can add on; cool designs, interesting lighting and yes, even pool slides. Now, that doesn’t mean that all above grounders can have slides or that all slides can work for above  grounders. You have to make sure that you seek out a pool that will work with a slide. But have no fear, there are many to choose from so that you and the kids will be happy.

If I get an above ground pool I want it to look as much like an in-ground as possible, and I want to it to be very safe.

You can have the best of both worlds. Above ground pools can be made safer and more attractive by building a deck around them. The deck makes everything from cleaning to covering more easy, and provides a larger pool area to enjoy. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a deck to surround your pool, you now have a great excuse!

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, you’ll be glad to know that you can choose pool liners that just look like (if not better than) in-ground pools liners. You can actually get beaded liners that resemble a mosaic borders, overlap liners and more. It’s easy to choose above ground pool accessories and add-ons that will make your pool more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable.

Have you heard something about above ground pools, but want to make sure you’re getting the straight scoop? Be sure to check out our full tips section or e-mail us with your questions at customerservice@pcpools.com, and we’ll be glad to feature them for an upcoming article.

Pool Care Glossary November 11, 2008

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Check out our vast Pool Care Glossary.

Everything you needed to know from A to Z.

Solar Pool Heating August 27, 2008

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    Why is solar energy superior for heating your pool?

  • Provides the lowest annual operational costs (energy is provided free from the sun)
  • Provides the lowest maintenance costs (minimal if any)
  • It is the cleanest, safest and quietest source of energy
  • Solar systems have the longest lifespan (no moving parts, no corrosion) – almost always outlasting their warranties.
  • A solar pool heating system pays for itself within 2 to 4 years
  • Heats your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature.
  • Is environment-friendly energy – free from the sun.
  • Doubles your swim season with luxuriously warm water.
  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates pool heating costs.
  • Adds value to your pool and to your home.

Check out PcPools Above ground and In ground Solar Pool Heater options.

Spring Pool Opening February 13, 2008

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Remove all leaves, debris & excess water from pool cover. Use Submersible Pump to clear water away. Then remove the pool cover.

Check the condition of your Pool Liner. Need to replace your pool liner?

Remove all winterizing plugs from the pool suction lines and return lines.

Assemble all pool pump and filter pipes to respective fittings. Check the condition of the sand, cartridge or DE elements. Clean or replace if necessary. Need to replace your Pump & Filter System?

Be sure the pool filter top is secure, the tank drain is closed and the pool filter valve is in the “Filter” position.

Hook up pool pump, filter and any other additional equipment you might have (Pool Heaters, etc.).

Re-attach any deck equipment you have such as Pool Ladders, Diving Boards, etc. Install all Pool Deck equipment including skimmer baskets and return directionals.

Bring the pool water level up to normal & Start the pump.

Using Blue Wave Chemical Start-up Kit, follow our FREE Pool Care Guide directions to get your water in swimming condition! Balance the water chemistry and check the levels frequently during the first few days (until they stabilize).

Run the pool pump & filter system 24 hours until your pool water has cleared completely.

Remove any debris from pool using an Automatic Pool Cleaner or Pool Cleaning Equipment.

Clean Liner with Tile & Vinyl Cleaner & clean Filter with Filter Clean.

For more detailed Pool Opening Instruction, in Printer Friendly Format, Click Here.

Swimming Pool Heaters December 14, 2007

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Swimming Pool Heaters

If you own a swimming pool you want to use it as much as possible. Jumping into a heated swimming pool on a cool night feels like heaven! The best way to extend you pools season is to utilize a swimming pool heater. The key to enjoyable swim is to have the pool water temperature be consistently comfortable. How to regulate the temperature of your pool water depends in large part on what type of swimming pool heater you install. Swimming pool heaters come in three main categories: solar, fossil fueled, or electric. From these main types, you can choose the one that will work best for your swimming pool needs. pcPools offers all three of these types of pool heaters for both in ground and above ground swimming pools.

Each type of swimming pool heater has its advantages and disadvantages. A solar pool heater can be installed on your roof or on the ground and converts energy absorbed from the sun to heat the pool water. This is the most inexpensive and “green” method of heating your pool. A natural gas or propane powered pool heater is optimal for maintaining a constant temperature in the swimming pool and can heat your pool quickly and without sunlight.

Solar Pool Heaters

An increasingly popular and “green” option for pool owners is solar pool heater for two main reasons. First, the solar pool heater doesn’t require any additional energy to run the heater, which makes it an inexpensive investment. The long term energy savings will literally pay for the solar pool heaters. Second, a solar pool heater requires very little maintenance. For the best results, solar pool heaters should obviously be used in sunnier climates or those that don’t have rapid up and down shifts in the weather and temperature. However, the solar technology has gotten better and these types of pool heaters work well in all climates. While these heaters can work without a lot of sunshine, it will take longer for the pool to heat up from a lower temperature.

Natural Gas or Propane Pool Heaters (Fossil Fueled)

Natural gas and propane powered swimming pool heaters work well for larger pools and for climates that are more likely to shift temperature quickly. These standard utility based pool heaters can be added to a pre-existing pool or can be installed after you the pool has been built. While these pool heaters can add to your overall utility bills, they do come in energy efficient models that attempt to cut back on this energy usage. By running these pool heaters only when necessary, you can cut down on the overall power bills.

Heat Pump (Electric)

Another option for a more energy efficient pool heater is a pool heat pump. Heat pumps run on electricity and emit absolutely no exhausts that pollute the air – they are low NOx by definition. Pool heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air and transferring it into the pool water. Since the air is always warm when the pool is in use, it is the perfect and most efficient use for a heat pump. pcPools carries both Jandy® Air Energy™ and Aqua Pro Systems™ pool heat pumps. Pool heat pumps are so efficient at transferring this heat that they can operate at a lower cost than natural gas.

With the rising cost of energy and the desire to be less wasteful an increasing number of pool owners are using different types of pool heaters in conjunction with one another. There is nothing saying you can’t use a combination of these swimming pool heaters at the same time. Solar pool heaters do a great job of keeping your utility bills down in the early summer and early fall when the sun’s rays remain strong. Simply use the natural gas or propane powered pool heaters during the cooler times of the year when the sun is losing its strength. The other option is to use the natural gas and propane powered pool heaters to bring the pool water temperature up quickly and then maintain the pool water temperature with the solar pool heater. This method does a good job of helping to maintain a more even water temperature. By using both, you can help to cut back on your power usage as well as allow your pool to remain at a steady temperature instead of having to be warmed up as the water cools with the day’s weather changes.

To help swimming pool heaters even more, you can install a solar pool cover. This additional barrier between the environment and your pool will aid in keeping the pool water warmer at night and maintain the heat that naturally occurs during the daylight hours.

Pool heaters are a wonderful way to maximize your swimming pool season. pcPools offers the most technologically advanced swimming pool heaters from name brand manufacturers such as Hayward®, Teledyne/Laars®, Minimax®, Raypak®, Max-E-Therm®,and Lochinvar®. Above ground and in ground pool models available. These high efficiency, low maintenance pool heaters will increase your swimming pool enjoyment and SAVE YOU MONEY!