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Pool Safety Rules

At pcPOOLS your pool safety is our utmost concern. We want you to enjoy your above ground pool to the fullest. You should get years of safe family fun and in a relaxing environment. If used incorrectly, your swimming pool could be dangerous. Follow these safety rules and precautions, to insure a safe pool environment.

  • Do not dive! – Do not jump! – No rough play! – No running or pushing!
  • Do not walk on the top rail. It can be slippery and is not a walkway.
  • Be sure to install all safety labels provided with your pool according to the instructions.
  • Keep a safety rope 1/4” by 50’ with a flotation buoy with an outside diameter of 15”. Have accessible in a prominent area by your pool.
  • It is advisable to have a cordless phone available in the pool area.
  • Post near all entrances to pool area; a list of telephone numbers of the:
    • Nearest available police
    • Nearest ambulance service
    • Nearest available fire department
    • Nearest available hospital
    • Nearest available rescue unit
    • Nearest available physician
    • Dial 911 or the appropriate emergency number.
  • Provide fencing or enclosure which is independent of the house as a closure around the entire pool area. The fencing must be made of durable material, a minimum of 4’ in height from ground level and with closures with self-latching locks, to make pool inaccessible to toddlers and uninvited guests. Make sure gate is always closed. Be sure to follow local building code requirements for load capacity and fencing if using an after market or home built deck.
  • Check with your local town for any special laws in your locale.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages or use any intoxicants which could hinder your judgment and reflexes.
  • Never use pool alone. All children must be supervised continuously.
  • Do not use pool if bottom is not clearly visible: At night, sufficient lighting must be available. It is the pool owner’s sole responsibility to provide adequate lighting for pool bottom, safety signs and walkways, which exceeds minimum standards of the IES of North America.
  • Do not climb, stand or sit on any pool structure or the filter system. Components such as the filtration system, pumps and heater must be positioned so as to prevent their being used as a means of access to the pool by young children.
  • Be sure that all toys, chairs and tables or similar objects that a young child could climb on be at least four feet (4’) from pool.
  • Do not use pool during electrical or rain storms.
  • See available Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), publications for more tips on pool safety.
  • Please refer to all local codes regarding emergency shut off switches for all filtration and suction equipment.



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