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Raypak Heater Information June 2, 2009

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Where can I buy parts for my Raypak heater?

Raypak sells its products through distribution. Raypak does not sell parts directly via the Internet. If you’re having difficulties locating parts, Raypak has a few sources you may consider for parts and pricing listed below.

Commercial Parts

Commercial Pool Parts

Parts Depot

Manufacturer’s Referral Service


Where can I obtain service in my area?

Raypak does have warranty service information listed out on the website. There is a service locator for Gas Fired or electric units, just key in your zip code.

How do I winterize my heater?

Heaters that are installed in a freezing climate and are shut down for the winter, please observe the following procedures;

1. Turn gas valve and manual gas valve off. Turn off electrical supply to the heater (applies only to electronic ignition heaters).

2. Open the drain plug located in the inlet/outlet header, (under water pipes at the inlet/outlet header).

3. Remove the heat exchanger inspection panel on the side opposite water piping to gain access to the drain plug on the return header. Open the drain plug on return header.

4. For heaters made before 1998, with a Pressure Switch Tube Assembly, (copper tube), You will need to disconnect the pressure switch at the header connection. For heaters made after 1998, there is no need to disconnect the Pressure switch.

How do I know the date of manufacture or model of my heater?

The heater’s model and serial numbers are located on the rating plate found on the inside of the unit. To locate the rating plate, first loosen the door screw. Remove the door(s), pull up and out. The rating plate will be either a gold or silver color with the Raypak logo. The serial number will have 10 digits. The date code is found in the first four digits of the serial number, for example, a unit made in April of 2001 will have the first four digits read as 0104.

The model number will have both numbers and letters, such as: PR-335B-EN

How can I convert my heater from Natural gas to propane?

Most Raypak swimming pool and spa heaters can be converted from one gas type to another, by simply purchasing a conversion kit listed in the Illustrated Parts List for that unit. Some complications may apply if your heater is equipped with electronic ignition. Please contact the factory, or your local Raypak Representative for more details. Conversions should be performed only by an “Experienced Gas Professional”.

Many states now also require a specific license to work on gas appliances. Check with your local utility provider for details.

What is the efficiency of my heater?

Raypak’s pool and spa heaters run at about 81 to 83 % Thermal Efficiency, (the amount of energy that actually heats the water). Raypak’s residential appliances have the highest efficiency that we can provide without creating rapid wear from the corrosive effects of condensation.

Pool products that have efficiencies in excess of 95% are also available from Raypak. These products are available through our commercial pool distributors. These are commercial grade appliances, and are not normally found on residential applications. High efficiency heaters are much more expensive than typical residential heaters, like the Raypak RP2100 series of heaters.

Where can I obtain a wiring diagram for my heater?

First look in your installation and operation manual. All our manuals have the diagrams for millivolt, and electronic ignition published within them. These are available for download in our document library.

Specialized wiring diagrams for wiring heaters to draft inducers, or other control devices are readily available from either the tech support group or the applications engineers. Contact the factory at 805-278-5300 for more information. Be prepared to have the exact model number and serial number with you when you call or Email the factory.



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